Content marketing strategies take advantage of the most effective techniques to attract potential customers. Generate appropriate content to your consumer for example if someone needs braces in Tijuana he surely is looking for information, prices and benefits, if you gave them that information you will be closer to achieving these final conversions. Users look for solutions and answers to their questions. Therefore, in order to attract your attention, you must create content that covers those needs.
However, to achieve optimal results it is necessary to plan an effective and timely strategy. It is the only way to meet the objectives set. Once again, planning is once again a fundamental aspect for the campaign to work and increase the benefits in the company.
Content marketing techniques are key to improving the brand image
The contents talk about the image you want to show the world. This is why using correct language without grammatical errors or displaying quality images will attract more users to your site. But, what is more important, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition.
Internet has led to a variety of tools to work with. Each of these with its particular functions and specific contents.
Likewise, and with the relevance of landing pages or landing pages on a website, there are professional platforms to create the best pages and make your customers convert more easily.
Faced with this large number of options to choose from, you must stop to analyze the quality, since not all of them have the appropriate technology. Here we will show you only 4 useful tools that can help you.
1.- Coobis
However, if you want to take advantage of content marketing strategies to capture users and grow your brand you can always bet on a content marketing platform such as Coobis. A space that links brands with influencers and content generators.
And all in a simple way. In Coobis you can identify the influencers that can multiply your leads. And not only that. You will also access a tool with which it will be easy to manage from production to payments to influencers without forgetting the coordination or a brief analysis to ensure that the KPIs that you have set as objectives are met.
2.- Canva
If there is an application that stands out for its more original designs that is Canva. It is undoubtedly one of the best content marketing tools with which to create exclusive images and designs.
It also has a system so powerful that no matter what type of creation you look for, with this tool you will achieve optimal results.
Another of the great advantages is its adaptation to formats according to the social network or website in which you want to show. With Canva you can create images of the right size for each of the social platforms, whether Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, among others.
The speed and effectiveness, as well as the possibility of creating all kinds of images with different styles such as presentations or infographics, make it one of the most complete tools at present.
3.- Landing-Optimizer
The importance of creating a landing page on your website for your users to convert is clear. The tool you choose will also affect the good or bad results you get.
It is a Mdirector Software with which to generate professional landing pages. It is a platform so simple and intuitive to use, that the creations can be finished in a matter of minutes.
In addition to being able to generate attractive and original landing pages with a suitable CTA. This application adapts to all devices, so it does not matter if it is mobile, tablet or desktop, that your users can see all the contents optimally.
4.- Thinglink
It is no longer valid to show normal images. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you will have to offer something more.
With this tool you can create not only images, but also videos, thanks to the power and number of editors it has. In addition, for landing pages or other pages, you can add up to 70 types of calls to action. This button is key since it will be with which you achieve that conversion.
The CTAs can be displayed in the form of links, text, video, images, audio, social networks, ecommerce or maps. A wide variety of options with which to increase the chances that your users perform an action on your website.