To get a successful venture, you do not have to choose the best dentist in Tijuana or the best chef in the world, to be successful, you have to understand the terrain, the possible options and be clear, what are our specific objectives.

One of the most valuable tools for an entrepreneur in marketing, the simplest definition of Marketing is: the way of doing business based on satisfying the needs of customers. This means that our products or services have to solve problems of form, so that people or companies are available to pay any amount of money for it.

Since you have the product, you have to find who needs it, that is, what is the size of the market that has the problem, how is it solving today and if you are willing to pay for the solution you offer, and the time after investigating everything That tells you that your idea is so small changes something. But you also have to be careful when applying innovation research, which is what you like the most, the things you do not like, people did not even imagine they would need.

Another relevant issue in the ventures is to get investors to help you finance your project, this is not as easy as borrowing from your dad, you have to clearly communicate your business idea and convince them that your project has potential. To do this you must prepare yourself very well to give a clear, concise presentation, with backup information and to handle the language of the business and the client.

With good backup information we can try several business models to find the one that best fits the case. Marketing again provides the framework to work on: the value proposition, market segmentation, distribution channels, business partners, prices, among other points that make up the business model.